Highlife – Charity Single

All proceeds from this single go directly to ‘The Amber Phillpott Trust’. Thats 72p of the 79p cost. Please buy….

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The Story behind Highlife
‘Highlife’ is part of a mini opera Amber’s father James wrote as part of his own personal bereavement therapy after Amber died.

The mini opera tells the story over six songs of Amber’s illness from diagnosis through to death and beyond.

‘Highlife’ is the fifth song in opera and the listener joins the story after Amber’s death. The inspiration for the song is formed from the concept of the afterlife. The song specifically depicts the moment Amber waddles in through the pearly gates and the rapture of those in heaven at the realisation there is a beautiful baby girl to look after.

‘Highlife’ originally had the working title of ‘The Joy of a Child in Heaven’. Below are the notes from the mini opera James originally wrote to support the song.

Amber’s spirit lives on as she waddles into heaven through the pearly gates. The heavenly souls are absolutely delighted they have a beautiful 18 month girl to look after and adore. A party starts. The song refers to dancing on several occasions and this is a metaphor on many levels. Firstly as Ambers union in heaven, as she asks all those already in heaven to dance with her. Secondly during the chorus ‘now I know I’ll never dance alone, dancing to the guns of Naverone’, a reference to a song she used to like dancing to with her family, therefore suggesting she is still very much in spirit with them and they are still very much in spirit with her.